Referrals to Saint Vincent Health Center

Patient referral, hospital access or patient transfer information shouldn´t be complicated or time-consuming. When you or one of your patients needs assistance, you want and deserve a response quickly and easily. That's why we have CONSULT and One-Call Transfer.


CONSULT is a toll-free phone line for physicians and medical professionals to obtain information about referrals and discuss options. Call 1-800-326-3336 (whether you are in Erie or outside the area) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and registered nurses will help you select or access Saint Vincent physicians and Health Center services, or will direct your call appropriately.

Saint Vincent Transfer Line

When you or your office staff already have a physician referral but would like help facilitating the patient transfer, call 1-800-326-3336. Simply provide the appropriate patient and physician information, and a member of the Saint Vincent Transfer Line team will facilitate the paperwork and arrangements.

Referrals to Medical/Dental Staff

To refer a patient to a Saint Vincent medical or dental staff member, please select the physician name or specialty from the Physician Directory for specific contact and referral information.