Volunteer Opportunities at Saint Vincent

Volunteer with the Saint Vincent Auxiliary

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every heart, there is the power to do it."

-Marianne Williamson

History of the Saint Vincent Auxiliary
Volunteerism.  It is the spirit behind the very founding of Saint Vincent Health System more than 130 years ago. After a man fell and shattered his ankle in front of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Orphanage and Motherhouse, a group of sisters gave of their own time to take care of him, and it was from that single act of volunteerism that Saint Vincent emerged.  

The Saint Vincent Auxiliary has a long standing tradition of providing support to Saint Vincent Health System and was established informally in 1900 by a group of 35 members. 

The Saint Vincent Auxiliary became an official non-profit organization in 1916 and was designed to harness the abilities and energies of people of all ages and walks of life. From young people to retirees, from homemakers to working professionals, volunteers are vital to making Saint Vincent the best place to get care and the best place to give care.  

Initially, the Auxiliary assisted only in money-raising projects, entertaining important guests and sewing garments for the hospital; but as the hospital expanded, the group kept pace. Throughout the years, the Auxiliary has pledged and donated substantial amounts toward each building drive from 1925 to 2009.  

In earlier years, membership was partially a social involvement.  Things began to change in the 1970s when a Director of Volunteer Services was named.  It was discovered that many areas of the hospital needed volunteer help. This opened the door to a much richer experience for the volunteers and saved the hospital some costly man hours. This continues today, along with many fundraising activities which help to keep up with the growth of Saint Vincent Health System.   

That spirit, displayed nearly 140 years ago by our founding Sisters, still thrives today in more than 720 volunteers - from high school age to senior citizens - who serve Saint Vincent Health System, a non-profit hospital. Often, these men and women are the very first people a patient or visitor encounters when they enter Saint Vincent. They are the caring, compassionate, welcoming face of the Health Center, donating nearly 29,000 hours of service annually, which translates into more than $600,000 in savings for Saint Vincent. 

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