Financial Information

Financial Services

To relieve financial stress during your hospital stay, the financial service office can help you with payment options. The office can estimate the total cost of your care at Saint Vincent and compare that with your verified insurance coverage.

It's important to note that most insurance policies, including Medicare, have deductibles or co-payments for hospitalization that must be covered by the patient. You can talk with your nurse to request a meeting with a financial service representative to discuss payment options.

If you entered the hospital as a result of an urgent admission, either through the emergency department or by doctor's order, a financial service associate can work with a family member to make sure you receive the maximum benefits from your insurance coverage. It is important that either you or a family member bring your health insurance forms and identification cards to the hospital so that we can handle your insurance coverage promptly and efficiently.

Payment of Bills

Initial requests for money you may owe because of deductibles or uncovered expenses are generally made before your admission or early in your stay. These bills should be paid in full by the time of your discharge. If you have difficulty paying these expenses or would like to make payment arrangements, a financial service representative can stop by your room to discuss your options.

Availability of Financial Arrangements

Saint Vincent strives to help patients with financial burdens, especially patients who have no insurance and do not qualify for medical assistance. A financial evaluation designed to verify the need for assistance is performed by a financial service representative and is entirely confidential. Patients are asked to record their income, outline their expenses and present some proof to support the information they have given.

Eligible patients can then make special payment arrangements, and free care is available to those who qualify. To receive more information about these arrangements, call the financial service office at (814) 452-5011 or by dialing extension 5011 on your hospital telephone.